The University is a FUN filled training program to help develop Scouter excellence in the Baltimore Area Council. All registered Scouters are encouraged to attend so that they may better understand the critical role and function of their position in the Scouting program. This Scouter training experience is planned to:
  1. PROVIDE Scouters with a full understanding of their mission
  2. OBTAIN a commitment to the success of the mission
  3. HELP develop techniques
  4. SUPPLY information necessary to carry out assignments
  5. BUILD morale and fellowship in the Scouting community
These results are achieved through a broad curriculum of instruction and recognition of achievement by a series of awards.

The curriculum is divided into seven program departments:
  1. Cub Scout Leader Program
  2. Scouts BSA Leader Program
  3. Commissioner Science Program
  4. Continuing Education Program
  5. District Committee Program
  6. Doctoral Program
  7. Venturing Program
Seven (7) credit hours earned from attending any combined classes can count toward earning a Bachelors and the next seven credit hours can be applied toward the Masters Degree. All programs feed into one Doctoral level.

Each new participant will receive a University of Scouting patch. Participants who complete the degree requirements will be recognized with an appropriate patch segment for that degree and a diploma.
** Class sizes are limited - register early!!  Once a class is full, it will not be available.
To minimize congestion and expedite the check-in process, you are requested to register in advance.
Early Bird Registration: $30 ($5 discount - Dec - Jan 5th)
Registration Fee: $25 (Jan 6th- March 1st Sept 6)
Youth (14-21) Registration Fee: $25  ($5 discount - Dec - Jan 5th)
All registrations received after March 1st Sept 13 will be assessed a late fee of $15. Online registration will close on March 11th Sept 20th.
If you register on the day of the University, you will likely miss the first class. Also, you may not be able to schedule the classes that you want.  
Walk In Registration Fee: $50 (does not include Lunch!)
Youth (14-21) Walk In Fee: $25 ...

Faculty/Staff Registration Fee: $5 (includes lunch & patches) 
Faculty/Staff Registration Fee: $ 0  (Teach only - does not include lunch or patches)
Check In and Walk In Registration: 7:15 - 7:45am
Welcome/Opening Ceremony begins promptly at 8:00am

Click HERE for the Schedule of the Day


Click HERE for the Schedule by Class/Session

  1. Any registered Scouter may attend any course of instruction, if they meet any pre-requisites or other requirements noted in the course description.
  2. Any registrant for a degree program should have had some orientation at the District level.
  3. To receive credit for a course a Scouter must attend the entire course and sign the class roster.
  4. Degrees will be acknowledged by appropriate patches and certificates. Such awards will be made upon completion of the program requirements.
  5. When a Scouter completes the Bachelor level, your certificate and segment will be mailed to you or sent to your district leadership to present to you. When a Scouter completes the Master level, all requirements must be verified by their District leadership, the certificate and segment can then be mailed to you or your leadership will present them to you.
  6. Credits for courses completed in other Councils or at National training centers will be given upon presentation of evidence that the course was satisfactorily completed. The Scouters BAC District Commissioner or District Chairman must approve the credits. The extent to which the BAC University of Scouting may substitute such courses for courses offered will be at the sole discretion of the Program Dean and the University Chancellor.
  7. Scouters who complete the Bachelor program may take courses required for the Master program. Similarly, Scouters who complete the Masters program may take courses required for the Doctoral program.

This page updated 8/21/2020

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