Youth Venturing Courses Descriptions
VSP 199A
Bachelor Venturing Youth Leadership Track (7 Sessions) - All Day
Facilitated by officers and members of the Council Venturing Officers’ Association, the Bachelor’s in Venturing Leadership is the an opportunity for youth to participate in the University of Scouting program and gain leadership and advancement skills. Participants spend the whole day together in their own unique sequence of classes emphasizing skills to help them be better Venturing Crew officers, members, and leaders.
VSP 399A
Master Venturing Youth Leadership Track  (7 Sessions) - All Day
For youth who have completed the Bachelor’s in Venturing Leadership, the Master’s in Venturing Leadership offers advanced curriculum to enable them to support their Crews’ programs. The focus is on preparation for the Pathfinder and Summit awards and leadership opportunities for more advanced Venturers.
Adult Course Descriptions—Venturing Bachelor’s (100) Level

Note: Any (7) course credit hours are the Bachelor level in Venturing Program,

any (7) additional course credit hours constitute the Master level in Venturing Program.

VSP 101A/CED 220
Here’s Venturing
Introduction to the mission of Venturing, its aims & methods, and unique place in the Boy Scouts of America.  Youth-led aspects of the program are emphasized, including District and Council Venturing Officers’ Associations.  This course is valuable for all Scouters who wish to learn more about the Venturing program. 
VSP 102A
Venturing Leadership and Organization (2 sessions)
Detailed overview of Venturing’s organizational structure and the roles of youth and adult leadership positions.  The focus is on Crew-level organization, including the role of the Chartered Organization and how to select and retain adult leaders.  
VSP 106
Venturing Youth Leadership Development
Provides a basic understanding of the characteristics of Venturing-age youth.  Explains the components of an effective Youth Leadership Development Program and the critical role of the Crew Advisor/Skipper in youth leadership development.  Describes youth leadership training programs (including Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews) and opportunities at the unit, council, regional, and national levels.
VSP 107A
Crew Program Planning (2 sessions)
The essential knowledge for adults serving as mentors for youth during the annual Crew Advisors or mentors to youth activity chairs.  Topics covered include Advisor responsibilities, recognition in the Venturing program (with an emphasis on the new awards program), and how to plan the Crew’s annual program. 
VSP 110
Venturing Leaders’ Panel
A directed Q&A with youth and adult Venturing leaders in the Council.  Youth members of the Venturing Officers’ Association and experienced Venturing Advisors will share helpful tips and best practices.  Questions from the audience are welcome and discussion is encouraged.  Adults who are new to Venturing, or who are interested in learning more about the Venturing program, are encouraged to attend.
Adult Course Descriptions—Venturing Master’s (300) Level
VSP 316
Conducting Leadership Skills for Crews
Conducted at the Crew level, Leadership Skills for Crews (LSC) is the first step in the training continuum for Venturing youth leaders.  Ideally, the course is run annually for the Crew by senior youth who have previously taken the course, although in Crews with less experience it is often run by the adult Advisors.  This class will educate Venturing leaders on how to implement the syllabus and establish youth-led training as an integral part of the Crew’s annual program.
VSP 320/CED 224
Social Media: Effective Use and Guidelines
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr…) are very popular among today’s youth and are a very powerful means of communication.  The purpose of this class is two-fold: to give crew advisors background on how to tap into social media as a resource for engaging with the youth in their crews, and to inform them of how to do so in a responsible way.  BSA policies regarding social media, online safety, and youth protection will be emphasized. 
VSP 324
Incorporating Advancement into Your Crew’s Program
Most Crews don’t think about advancement as a regular pat of their program, but advancement is important to recognize achievement.  An experiences Venturing Advisor will discuss ideas for how to incorporate advancement into your Crew’s regular program.
VSP 325
Navigating the Summit Award Process
This session focuses on requirements for the Summit Award in general, and the Summit Project in particular.  Crew Advisors and adult mentors for Summit Award candidates will gain the background knowledge to be able to guide youth through the process of achieving Venturing’s highest distinction.  Emphasis will be places on selecting and executing the Summit Award Project.
VSP 326
Service Opportunities in Venturing
Service is an important component of all Scouting programs and an excellent opportunity for youth to develop their leadership skills.  Regular service opportunities are especially important now that a large-scale service project is required for the Summit Award.  This session will focus on service opportunities that are available for Venturers of all abilities and how integrate service as part of your Crew’s regular program.
VSP 327A
Mentoring in Venturing
The Venturing program has its own challenges when it comes to advising and mentoring youth.  Working with teenagers in a co-ed environment can be difficult, yet rewarding.  As adult leaders it can be hard to navigate when to step in and when to step back. I n this session you will learn effective techniques for how to mentor the youth in your crew.
VSP 330
Youth Training Opportunities
Going on a 50-miler this summer? High adventure trek? Tier III adventure? Ready to take your unit's leadership training to the next level?  Learn how to incorporate one of BSA's least utilized Leadership Training classes and reinforce the skills learned at ILSC or JLT/ILST or NYLT in your adventure.   The Kodiak Challenge invites young people to step outside their comfort zones an experience hands-on leadership training.  It is open to all youth in the Venturing, Sea Scouts, and Scouts BSA who have completed entry level leadership training.

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