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This form is to be used if your Unit is going out of Council, and wants to have a Call Out Ceremony.  click link and
follow instructions.  Questions, contact  All letters will be sent
directly to the camp, a copy will be emailed to
the Unit Leader to take to camp, along with a
copy of the Unit Election form.
(this link will direct you to website)
This form is needed to nominate an adult for membership into the Order of the Arrow.  Adults nominated in a Troop or Team must be accompanied by a Unit Election form.  The Form must be turned in within ONE WEEK of elections,
if not turned in at the time of the election.
(last amended 12/9/2021)

Officer Candidacy Petition (updated 9/28/2022)

Nentico Lodge Name Tag Order Form

Vigil Nomination Form  (updated 3/2016)

Sample Brotherhood Letter

Unit Election Form

Unit Election Team Checklist

James A Mitchell Award 

(New Arrowman Award) (added 11/17/15)

Unit Election Evaluation Form

Reimbursement Request Form

Ordeal Extension Form

Nentico Campership Application

Nentico Chapter LEC Report Form

 Adobe PDF version      

Microsoft Word version

Nentico Commitee LEC Report Form

 Adobe PDF version      

Microsoft Word version

page updated  09/28/2022