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Nentico Lodge Centurion Recipients
Nentico Lodge announced 17 recipients of the Centurion Award at the annual lodge banquet held January 11.   The award is bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee and is a one-time recognition associated with the OA centennial. The award is intended to highlight “Hometown Heroes,” or Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing and ongoing operational excellence of their local council’s lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps.
The service of these Centurion Award recipients spans the entire 92 year history of Nentico Lodge. Among them are scouts and scouters, professionals and volunteers, chiefs and advisers whose efforts built and sustained Nentico Lodge and whose service inspired others.
Formal recognition of the Centurions will take place at ArrowTour on July 25
The Baltimore Area Council and Nentico Lodge are proud to recognize the following:
W. Perry Bradley*
the Father of Nentico Lodge, inducted 1922. Supreme Chief of the Fire 1922-1941; Grand Scribe 1922-1923 and Grand Treasurer 1923-1924.  Perry Bradley died in 1950.
Leonard K Brown*
Inducted 1925. Lodge Chief 1928 & 1929 and Regional Grand Scribe 1930. Leonard Brown died in 1979.
Robert H. Heistand*
Supreme Chief of the Fire 1946-1967; National Treasurer 1940-1943; National Chief 1946 – 1948. OA Distinguished Service Award 1950. Bob Heistand died in 1981.
Edwin H. Perkins Jr.*
inducted 1933. Lodge Chief 1937-1941 and again in 1950. Lodge Adviser 1952 – 1969. Ed Perkins died in 2000.
George “Pete” Price*
inducted 1947. Pete served as Nentico Lodge Adviser 1970 – 1972 and Section SE-1 Adviser 1978-1982. Pete Price died in 1998.
George Naylor*
inducted 1949. A crafter and teacher of Indian Lore and the father of the Nentico Service Beads. George Naylor died in 2008.
Roger Volrath
inducted 1962; Lodge Chief 1966 and Lodge Advisor 1980 - 1994
Harry L. Shaw
inducted 1967; Lodge Chief 1972 and Lodge Adviser 1995 - 2003
Douglas O’Connell
inducted 1978; Lodge Chief 1983; Section Chief 1983 – 1984; Northeast Region Chief in 1985. OA Distinguished Service Award 1986.
Reed Blom
inducted 1965; Chief of the Fire (Lodge Staff Adviser) 1988-2005
Anthony J. Roman
inducted in 1983; Lodge Chief 1988 & 1989 and Lodge Adviser 2009 – 2010; Section NE6a Adviser since 2013
Michael J. Huneke
inducted in 1983; Lodge Chief 1990
William A. J. Kirkner
inducted in 1985; Section NE-6 Chief 1988; OA Philmont Trek Vice Chief 1989
J.D. Urbach
inducted 1987; Lodge Chief 1991; Section Secretary 1992-1993
David F. Bobart
inducted 1987; Lodge Chief 1992 & 1993
Michael N. Phillips
inducted 2005; Lodge Chief 2012
Timothy C. Martin
inducted 2007; Lodge Chief 2015