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Chiefly Speaking

My Fellow Arrowmen,


To begin, I am extremely excited and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve again as your Lodge Chief in 2021. As your chief, I will make the most of this chance by continuing the work I started last year. This means I will remain focused on upholding the traditions of past chiefs while working every day to guide improvement in all areas of the Lodge.


Many see 2020 as a year to forget. I don’t. Although the flow and program of our lodge came to a halt, the members of this Lodge preserved. Every day I witnessed youth and adult leaders push back against the unique challenges of 2020. Each member acted with a shared steadfast purpose. 


It was because of these efforts that enabled program and inductions to continue and return. Our values of fellowship and cheerful service preserved. When faced with the worst, the best of the lodge came forward. We must never forget this. Each of us must strive to maintain these levels of determination in the future.


2021 will be extremely important for Nentico Lodge. Our Lodge’s 100th Year Anniversary is right around the corner. We must have a strong year to bolster membership and inspire cheerful service. Without this, the centennial celebration will not have the same energy. Therefore, I challenge every member of Nentico Lodge to get involved and to stay driven. No matter what, your efforts will make a difference. 


William Brooks

2020-2021 Lodge Chief