The Interfaith Committee is established through the Relationships function of the Baltimore Area Council and is comprised of representatives from committees for Christian, Jewish, and other non-Christian religions.



  1. Interpret Scouting as a resource for ministry to children, youth and families.
  2. Develop and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between religious faiths and the Boy Scouts of America.
  3. Promote religious emblems programs and other denominational emblems.
  4. Emphasize the religious aspect of the Scouting program,g especially promoting religious worship services at Scouting functions and the use of a chaplains aide program in Scouting units and chaplains at Scout summer camps.
  5. Promote programs that recognize the Scout Sabbath and Scout Sunday.
  6. Provide guidance to the Council and Districts regarding religious matters especially in the planning of events so that religious holidays and holydays are respected. Provide intervention as necessary.
  7. Foster the growth of Scouting by encouraging the religious relationships committees to contact their respective congregations to use the programs and resources of the Boy Scouts of America as a means of extending their ministry to children, youth, and families, as well as for community outreach.
  8. Design and implement activities and programs that foster interfaith understanding and cooperation emphasizing the spiritual dimensions and family of Scouting.

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