The Boy Scouts of America understands that there may be circumstances which prevent a Scout’s affiliation with a unit.  While the primary rationale for consideration of Lone Scout status is due to the situation in which the Scout does not reside in proximity of a unit, there are other criteria that BSA is determined appropriate for registration as a Lone Scout.  That criteria is described in the Guide to Advancement (GTA) Section Lone Scouting. As documented in GTA, “Lone Scouting is not an alternative for those who just don’t like the local units or cannot get along with them.”

Each Lone Scout must have an adult 21 years or older who agrees to be the youth’s Lone Scout friend and counselor. It is preferred that this be one of the youth’s own parents, but also might be a minister, teacher, neighbor, or Scouter. If not a parent, the Lone Scout counselor must be approved by one of the youth’s parents.

To request consideration for registration as a Lone Scout within the Baltimore Area Council, the following documentation must be submitted (all must be submitted as one package for consideration):

  • Youth Application
  • Adult Application (friend/counselor)
  • Letter requesting the designation as Lone Scout
    • Letter must specify the reasons the Scout is making the request and why the Scout is not able to register with a traditional unit within BAC. The criteria is taken from the BSA Guide To Advancement (below). 


From the BSA Guide to Advancement

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