Reporting Scouting's Service to our Community

Entering Service Hours is for every unit; whether it is the whole unit, a den, a patrol or just a couple of scouts with adult supervision. Any service projects other than Eagle Scout Projects (which are entered by Council when the Eagle application and other necessary items are handed in to Council) should be reported.
If you have a question about entering your service hours or if you just want someone to walk you through it the first time or two or three, units may contact Mary Birckhead at any time. If you just give up, for any reason, and would like Mary to enter your unit's service hours, please send her the following information so that she can get them entered and credited to your unit and district.
  1. Unit Type and #, along with your District
  2. Date of service project:
  3. # of registered youth participating:
  4. # of other youth, not registered, participating (friends, siblings, etc):
  5. # of registered adults participating:
  6. # of other, non-registered, adults participating (parents, neighbors, etc):
  7. Either provide Mary with the hours of your project, ex: 9-12 a.m. or give her the lump sum: Total # hours - including youth, adults, registered or not: (ex:  20 total hours lump as there were 5 scouts, 3 siblings/friends, 2 leaders and 2 parents there throughout the time working though not all for the whole time )
  8. Did you partner with any organization, who? (schools, Red Cross, city, county, religious organization, park service, etc)
  9. Was there a local organization/city who sponsored this activity?
  10. Briefly describe your unit's project . . .  
Below, please find all of the possible categories that you have to choose from, as they will appear when entering your service hours. If you are sending hours to Mary to be entered, you can either classify the service hours based on the categories listed below, or if you are unsure of what category to use, she will classify it appropriately. The information in red does not show on the actual entry screen but the information is needed though only for that specific service category.  In each case it is just 1 additional question that you are required to answer if you choose that specific category.

Messengers of Peace

  • Personal Dimension
  • Community Dimension
  • Environmental Dimension

Healthy Living

  • Blood Drive
    • # pints of blood collected
  • Fun Run/Walk/Hike/Cycle
    • # miles walked, hiked, cycled, etc.
  • Bike Safety Event
    • # youth participating
  • Child Fingerprinting
    • # youth fingerprinted
  • Health Fair/Fitness Expo
  • CPR Training
    • # people trained
  • Tree Planting
    • # trees planted
  • Litter Cleanup/Beautification



  • Other
  • Bike Safety Event
  • Child Fingerprinting


  • Home Building
    • # of homes helped build or demo
  • Home Repair/Maintenance
    • # of homes unit repaired or provided maintenance
  • Personal Care Collection
    • # items collected/distributed
  • Blanket Collection
    • # items collected/distributed
  • School Supply Collection
    • # items collected/distributed
  • Book/Magazine Drive
    • # books/magazines collected

US Military Families

  • Blue Star Families
  • Other

Other Services

  • Disaster Relief
  • Conservation
  • Military support
  • National Park Service Resource Stewardship
  • Other


  • Food Collection
    • # food items collected
  • Meal Deliver
    • # meals delivered
  • Serving Food
    • # meals served

Please be sure you submit your service hours, or seek support from the District. Have your scouts baked casseroles for the homeless? Have a couple Scouts cleaned up a park for a conservation project? Be sure to report everyone who helped - all Scouts, friends, siblings, parents, leaders, aunts, uncles, classmates, or anyone else who provided service!

Contact Mary Birckhead for support:



 Hopkins District BAC-BSA - 701 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore MD 21211 - Phone (443)-573-2527 -
Fax (443)-573-2627